Business law is becoming more complicated and important all the time.  Attorneys throughout the country and world, as well as San Antonio, Texas business attorneys need to realize that law and business are more intertwined today than ever, as well.  Business in the United States, and worldwide, is becoming more complicated.  No business person can ignore the increasing number of laws, regulations and requirements that grow more numerous and more complicated everyday.

     Lawsuits can be costly.  Even winning a lawsuit can cost large amounts of time and money.  Generally, the only way to truly “win” a lawsuit is to avoid one.  The best business lawyers know that the best approach is to avoid litigation when a victory is not clear and to only invest money in litigation when the law is clearly on one’s side.

     Modern businesses need to understand how laws affect them.  Regulations, taxes and legal requirements can hurt a business.  However, when a business stays on top of changes and understands how the law affects their business, that business can gain an important advantage over their competitors.

     When companies compete unfairly with other companies sometimes they are guilty of tortious interference with a contract or tortious interference with a prospective business relationship.  When a company or corporation treats their shareholders or minority partners wrongly a they can find themselves facing a shareholder lawsuit known as a derivative action.

     Sometimes companies don’t keep their promises.  When this happens the person or entity that was not treated well can sue for breach of contract.  Business can be complicated.  There are rules that need to be understood and followed.  Now more than ever, businessperson needs to be aware of the rules and regulations that affect their business and need to have a lawyer that they can trust to explain rules, laws and regulations and how they affect their business.

     One type of contract that has been the subject of many lawsuits over the years has been the “non-compete” agreement.  Typically in a non-compete or “non-competition” agreement an employee agrees not to compete against their former employer.  Texas court have recently become more willing to enforce these types of agreements.