Topamax Lawsuits

       Topamax or Topiramate, is a potentially dangerous drug and a potentially dangerous product that is prescribed to people that are suffering from epilepsy.  It is manufactured by the drug company Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals.  Even though it was originally only prescribed for seizures it is also prescribed for patients that have migraines and as a weight loss drug.

       Topamax has been associated with several side effects and there there are people that suspect that more side effects might be discovered.  Topamax is known to increase the risks of birth defects in children whose mothers took Topamax during the first trimester of their pregnancies.  Many lawsuits have been filed stating that there is a design defect with Topamax.

       The most common birth defects that have been linked with Topamax are cleft palate and cleft lip.  There are many problems associated with having a cleft palate or lip.  These conditions can cause issues with feeding, they can encourage or complicate ear disease, they frequently affect speech and can have an influence in socialization of children.  An infant with a cleft palate or lip may have trouble feeding.  It is important to feed children with cleft in an upright position so that gravity can help stop milk from coming through an infant’s nose when they have cleft palate.

       The United States Food and Drug Administration has determined that Topamax causes more birth defects than other epilepsy drugs.

       In 2006, Ortho-McNeil was required to issue a warning about causing eye problems.  Failure to warn about these eye problems can potentially be a marketing defect.  Secondary angle closure glaucoma and acute myopia had been reported by those that took Topamax.  These two eye diseases cause blurred vision and chronic eye pain.  The manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil continue to argue that these conditions are not necessarily permanent and can be reversed when people stop taking Topamax.  Ortho-McNeil agrees that if an individual does not stop taking Topamax immediately then permanent eye damage can result.