Typical Clients

       Most of our clients are referred to us from former clients, friends, other attorneys or judges.  Our clients appreciate that we take the time to discuss their cases with them and that we always treat them with respect.  It is very important to us that our clients are comfortable with us and that they know that they are appreciated by us.

       Whether our attorneys and staff are handling a delicate matter such as a sex crime or white collar criminal defense, a will and estate matter, real estate, immigration by investment, or any sort of lawsuit we handle all cases with discretion and confidentiality.  Some of our clients are wealthy, famous or prominent individuals that appreciate our policy of confidentiality and discretion.  In all cases our representation is confidential whenever possible and appropriate and we never divulge any of our clients’ personal information unless absolutely necessary.

       Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds.  One thing that they all have in common is that their case is the most important case in the world to them.  Generally speaking, our clients like that we their cases personally.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we work seven days a week and take the time to talk to our clients about their cases after hours and on weekends if that is what is required.

       We know that we are fortunate to represent every client.  Every client that puts their lives and their fortunes in our hands is giving us an amazing compliment.  Every client that recommends us to their friends and family is putting their personal reputation on the line by trusting us.  We are deeply honored by every person that puts their faith in us and we are especially touched when they trust us with the cases of their loved ones.