Expert Testimony

       The use of expert witness testimony in a legal case is a common procedure. In the pre-trial phase the contact details of any experts which are expected to be called on to give testimony should be provided to the opposing party without a request for this information being made as part of the process of discovery. Contact details include the name and address of the individual as well as his or her telephone number.

       The contact details may also be accompanied by a statement made by the expert witness, which expresses the opinions of that witness. The statement should include the basis for the opinions being expressed. This means stating the facts or data which the witness is using to base their opinion as well as any exhibits which they may be considering using to support their opinions. The qualifications of the expert witness as well as any publications which they have produced or had published within the last 10 years should also be provided, if this is relevant to the witness.

       Other information regarding the expert witness which should be made available includes any fee or compensation which the witness is to be paid as part of their testimony and a list of other cases they have been involved in as an expert witness in the last four years.