Car Accident

       Car accident attorneys are everywhere.  It is hard to turn on a television without seeing a commercial for a car accident attorney.  In San Antonio, Texas, much like the rest of Texas and the country, there are literally hundreds of car accident attorneys.  Some of these attorneys focus on taking small cases and quickly negotiating settlements and some handle serious car accident cases, such as wrongful death cases.

       Finding a good car accident attorney to sue an insurance company can be difficult.  Everyone has seen TV commercials where a lawyer shows how tough he (its usually a guy) is by how loudly he can scream or yell.  In reality, the person doing the yelling doesn’t actually do that in real life.  Usually that person has lawyers fresh out of law school settling cases in large amounts.

       If the lawyer that yells on TV does handle the case he probably doesn’t actually yell and scream at the insurance company.  Insurance company lawyers are more impressed by an attorney that comes in prepared, knows the law and has a reputation for going to trial.

       One of the most powerful tools that a plaintiff’s attorney can use is a “Stower’s Demand“.  A Stower’s demand asks an insurance company that represents a defendant to pay a settlement amount within the policy limits.  What is interesting and powerful about a Stower’s demand is that if an insurer refuses to make a settlement within policy limits and a jury returns a verdict that is above the amount of the insurance policy then the insurer is generally responsible for the entire amount.

       Stephen Foster is committed to all of his clients, whether their case is large and involves a wrongful death or lifelong disability or the case is small consisting of damage to the vehicle but not the person.  Stephen Foster would rather spend a week in court on a $2000 car accident case than have the reputation as an attorney that will eventually take what the insurance companies give him.