Hurricane Claims

       There are reports that Hurricane Sandy insurance claims are not being promptly or fully paid.  Hurricane Sandy has caused billions of dollars of property damage.  Fighting an insurance company’s hurricane Sandy appraisal is possible and, sadly, frequently necessary.  Hurricane claims are handled similarly to other storm damage claims but there are some unique differences.

       The law firm of Stephen, Foster and Gold always provides free and confidential consultations and evaluations of hurricane Isaac claims to individual property owners and business owners.  Generally, cases of this type are taken on a contingency basis.  Simpson, Foster & Gold only get paid if they get more money for a property owner than an insurance company was willing to pay for hurricane damage.

       Stephen Foster handles hurricane Isaac claims against insurance companies for claim denial, claim delay, loss of use of home, loss of use of business, property damage, roof damage, water damage, water damage caused by wind and bad faith claim handling.  If an insurance company is not willing to fulfill their obligations then an insured should consult with an experienced hurricane insurance claim attorney.

       Once an insurance company makes an offer to settle a claim, an insured is wise to consult with an attorney.  Insurance companies will frequently adjust their estimates if they realize that an individual or a business has competent representation.  Every case is different and past good results do not guarantee similar results in any individual case.

       Generally speaking, people that have hurricane insurance claim attorneys review their cases get more money than people that don’t.