Trial Consulting

     Attorneys, companies and individuals are taking advantage of trial consultants and jury consultants increasingly often.  There are many different things that trial consultants and jury consultants can do to serve someone that is involved in a civil or criminal case.  Even though a “jury consultant” that typically comes to someone’s mind is someone that helps pick a jury, “trial consultants” often provide a broader range of services.

     When choosing a San Antonio trial consultant it is important to make sure that they have experience in Bexar county courts.  It is also important that they are knowledgeable about the particular judge that is handling a case.  In particular, it is important to know the procedures that a particular judge uses when selecting a jury.

     San Antonio trial consultants generally handle a larger variety of issues than simply helping to pick a jury.  A San Antonio trial consultant that has tried a number of cases can help analyze what evidence is likely to be permitted at trial and what evidence is likely to be excluded.  This can help a lawyer or a client with trial preparation and trial strategy.

     A trial consultant can help prepare a witness (or client) for a deposition or cross examination.  Being asked difficult questions from someone that a person does not know is much different than discussing what might be asked with an attorney.  Uncovering weaknesses in a case before the other side gets a chance to uncover them can be extremely valuable.

     Trial consultants can also provide trial simulations or shadow juries to explore the possible results of a trial.  Trial simulations and shadow juries can also be used to explore different approaches at trial.  Both trial simulations and shadow juries can provide valuable information about whether to make an offer to settle a case or present a case to a jury.