Vaginal Mesh

       It can be a very difficult thing for a woman to discuss the effects of an injury that she has experienced because of vaginal mesh.  Even though the attorneys and staff at the Foster Law Firm are committed to getting women the money that they are entitled to receive for the injuries that they have suffered, they are also committed to ensuring that our clients feel as comfortable as possible.  Usually, it is possible to determine how much money a woman may be entitled to by reviewing her medical records and other lawsuits.  The Foster Law Firm always makes these types of sensitive cases as easy on the victims as possible.

       Chronic pain, infections and organ damage often result from the use of vaginal mesh. These patch injuries are commonly observed along with the use of pelvic mesh in the surgical repair of both pelvic organ proplapse and stress urinary incontinence.

       Sometimes the injuries, damages and problems get worse over time.  Statutes of limitation can run and leave victimized women with no way to take care of themselves or to get justice.  Any woman that has had any experiences with vaginal mesh should talk to a lawyer immediately.

       Women who suffered serious injuries following implantation of pelvic mesh should have their medical records reviewed to determine if they need to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit to protect themselves and to ensure that they can pay their medical bills, cover their lost wages and be compensated for their pain and suffering both now and in the future.  Many of the legal principles and procedures are similar to those used in Stryker Defective Hip Implant cases and Nuva-Ring lawsuits.

       Awards in vaginal mesh lawsuits are often large because the damage that vaginal mesh can do is tremendous.  In early 2013, the Plaintiff in the first Ethicon pelvic mesh lawsuit to go to trial in New Jersey was awarded $3.5 million.  The previous summer, a California state court that involved a C.R. Bard vaginal mesh product ended with a $5.5 million jury award for the victim.

       Pelvic mesh devices used in transvaginal surgeries are manufactured by a number of different companies.  Some examples of products that have a tremendous ability to cause harm are:

  •     Apogee Vault Suspension System
  •     Elevate Prolapse Repair System
  •     Monarc Sling System
  •     Perigee System
  •     Sparc Sling System
  •     Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  •     Uphold Vaginal Support System
  •     Advantage Fit Transvaginal Mid-Urethral Sling System
  •     Obtryx Transobturator Mid-Urethral Sling
  •     Solynx SIS Vaginal Sling System
  •     Prefyx PPS Pelvic Sling System
  •     Lynx Suprapublic Mid-Urethral Sling System
  •     Avaulta Plus BioSynthetic Support System
  •     Avaulta Solo Synthetic Support System
  •     Faslata Allograft
  •     Pelvicol Tissue
  •     PelviSoft Biomesh
  •     Pelvitex Polypropylene Mesh
  •     Gynecare Prolift Pelvic Mesh
  •     Gynecare Prosima Pelvic Mesh
  •     Gynecare Gynemesh
  •     Prolene Mesh
  •     Gynecare TVT Sling

       Some of the problems that have been reported with vaginal mesh are urinary problems, pain, bowel, bladder and blood vessel perforations, recurrence of prolapse, painful sexual intercourse, vaginal scarring, erosion through vaginal walls and infections.  These problems have the potential of getting worse over time. 

       The law is very harsh to women that wait to investigate a claim.  There are statutes of limitation and statutes of repose that can prevent a woman from making a claim, no matter how valid, if she does not act in time.  If a woman is a victim of vaginal mesh, she should talk to a lawyer immediately.  Any woman that has vaginal mesh should contact either the Foster Law Firm or another firm that is qualified to handle these types of claims.