Tortuous Interference

         There are two types of claims regarding interference with another person or entities contractual rights with another person or entity.  What must be proven depends upon whether or not there was a 1) contract or 2) potential contract.

             In the event that there was an actual contract it must be shown that:

1) There was a contract,
2) Someone intentionally interfered with the contract,
3) Someone’s interfering actions caused the injury and
4) Those interfering actions caused damages

          Tortious interference with a prospective business relationship might exist even if there was not an actual contract.  What must be shown is:

1) A business relationship not yet reduced to a contract, or a business relationship where there was continuing activity not formalized by a contract,
2) Someone intentionally interfered with that business relationship,
3) Someone’s acts of interference were independent torts,
4) There were interfering actions that caused an economic injury and
5) Those interfering actions caused damages

          In these types of lawsuits not only can someone recover their economic damages but exemplary or “punitive” damages are sometimes available.  Anyone that has been damaged by any sort of unfair business practice should consult with an attorney immediately to discuss their rights.