Large Lawfirm?

A large corporation will generally hire a gigantic law firm to represent them.  The leaders of a large corporation are not spending their own money.  It is not necessary for them to manage their legal dollars as efficiently as a small or medium sized company, particularly when that small or medium sized company is owned by the same people that are making the decisions.  Simpson, Foster & Gold represents directors, officers and executives of major corporations in their personal real estate, business, criminal and estate planning matters

Gigantic law firms typically follow a pattern in their litigation.  The law firm sends the case to attorneys that have just graduated.  Those attorneys spend a large amount of time working on the case and creating “billable hours” that can be charged to the client.  The law firm makes its money by charging more for the young attorney’s time than they pay the young attorney.

In a big firm, after thousands of dollars in legal bills have been generated, senior attorneys review the case and the work that has been done and more often than not, inform their clients that it is in their best interest to settle.  Simpson, Foster & Gold is not a huge lawfirm.  They do not hire large numbers of young associates and give them large piles of work to create bills for their clients.

Stephen Foster feels strongly that an experienced attorney needs to be involved in a law suit from the beginning.  When a lawyer understands the legal principles and themes involved in a case it makes it easier to understand what is important and what is not.  If a case is weak then it needs to be settled quickly.  The best time to reach an agreement is early in a case, before a large amount of a client’s money has been spent.