Bumbo Baby Chairs

       Bumbo baby chairs are a defective product.  Specifically, they have a defective design that makes it very easy for children to fall out of them.  Parents should not put their child in a Bumbo Baby Chair.  There are a number of serious defective product lawsuits as a result of injuries young children have received from these chairs.  These lawsuits are procedurally similar to medical product liability lawsuits such as vaginal mesh cases, Pradaxa cases and Topamax cases.

       Millions of these defective baby seats have been manufactured by Bumbo.  After overwhelming public pressure and many serious injuries these chairs have been recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported a large number of very serious injuries resulting from the Bumbo Baby Chair defective design.  The baby seats were designed to allow very young children to sit up before they could safely do so.

       Babies that are between 3 to 10 months old are generally big enough to get into the seats but lack the ability to sit in the seats without dangerous rocking.  Bumbo, the manufacturer of the dangerous seats, is currently instructing parents that use the seats to do so only on the floor.  Consumer safety groups are urging parents to not use the dangerous Bumbo seats.

       Stephen Foster of Simpson, Foster & Gold is handling Bumbo lawsuits nationwide and urges people to stop using the seats.