Storm Damage

       Insurance claims often follow storms.  Hurricane Sandy insurance claims have begun and insurance companies are giving surprisingly low compensation.  Hail damage, tornado damage, wind damage and water damage can all result in an insurance claim.  Sadly, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to fail to provide their clients enough money to repair the storm damage.  Hailstorms, tornadoes, floods and other forms of weather always bring large numbers of claims to insurance companies.

       When an insurance company gets a large number of claims they will often give low offers of settlement to their insureds.  They know through experience that many people do not know their rights or think that if they talk to a lawyer it will cost them money.  Attorneys that handle these types of claims generally take them on contingency.  If they don’t get any extra money from the insurance company then they don’t charge their clients anything.

       Smart business people and property owners always consult with an attorney before signing away their rights to an insurance company.  People are often stressed after a storm has damaged their property and they frequently don’t want to mess with talking to an attorney.  Property and business owners that talk to attorneys about their weather claims get more money than those that do not.

       People that just accept whatever the insurance company tells them is fair in the event of storm damage help pay for the larger settlements of smart property owners that talk to attorneys and find out how much money to which they are entitled.