Confidentiality is maintained in all cases.  Stephen Foster maintains a strict policy of confidentiality in all his cases.  Every attorney that works with Stephen Foster and every non-attorney staff member understands that all client information must be held in strict confidence.

       The policy of confidentiality applies not only to clients but to potential clients as well.  Every discussion that Stephen Foster or his staff has with a client or a potential client is confidential.  It is very important that this confidentiality be maintained so that our clients can feel comfortable knowing that their confidences are safe.

       Confidentiality is strictly a right and privilege that belongs to every client or potential client.  It is a client’s choice and decision what they want to share with other people in regards to their case.  Whether a person has a business lawsuit, criminal case, estate plan or any other type of a case it is important that they are comfortable knowing that their information will be treated with respect, confidentiality and discretion.