Wrongful Death

       Wrongful Death cases are serious cases.  A serious case needs a serious lawyer.  Hiring someone that yells and screams on television might be acceptable for a small car accident case but if someone is killed or seriously injured by someone else then the survivors need a serious wrongful death attorney to handle the case.

       People are killed in car accidents far too often.  Also, some people have been killed in oilfield accidents.  Stephen Foster always treated his clients and the loved ones that are left behind with respect and compassion.  He understands that by handling the wrongful death case professionally and competently it allows the family and friends to focus on what they need to focus upon.  The last thing that someone that is in mourning needs to be worried about is whether or not the attorney handling the wrongful death case is doing their job.

       Wrongful death cases need to be handled with compassion and competence.  Losing a loved one is always difficult.  Nothing can ever bring back a loved one and Stephen Foster appreciates that when he handles a wrongful death lawsuit competently and smoothly it helps those that must continue on.  Stephen Foster handles wrongful death cases on a contingency basis.  The last thing that someone that is dealing with a loss needs to worry about are paying legal fees.

       Stephen Foster and his staff take pride in knowing that the families of those that he serves as a wrongful death lawyer have less to worry about during a difficult time because of the sensitive and capable manner in which they handle their cases.  Handling a wrongful death case isn’t like a breach of contract case or a stockholder lawsuit.  Stephen Foster is proud that his staff and co-workers handle cases with the concern, compassion and sensitivity that people that are suffering need and deserve.