San Antonio Real Estate

       San Antonio real estate offers some of the most desirable property to investors, both locally and around the world.  Many sophisticated investors believe that property in south central Texas offers some of the best investment potential in the world.  There are many reasons that intelligent investors are buying property in San Antonio.

       One of the reasons is that property in San Antonio has never been subject to a “bubble” like other parts of the country and the world.  Simply put, a house in San Antonio costs much less than a similar house in other parts of the country.  In some parts of the country housing and land prices rose dramatically for decades.

       Housing across the United States was seen to be a good investment because it “always went up”.  Property values in these areas rose dramatically in a manner that was completely unrelated to their values.  Even today, a house in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, etc… costs much more for every brick and for every square foot than it does in San Antonio.

       Another reason why San Antonio real estate is considered by many smart investors to be a good deal is that San Antonio is located in the State of Texas.  Texas is the fastest growing state in both population and economy.  Texas has a business friendly environment that welcomes free enterprise with low taxes, less regulations than many states and favorable laws that discourage lawsuits.

       San Antonio is perfectly placed geographically.  Trade from Mexico generally comes up Interstate highway 35.  The very first major city that Mexican traffic comes across is San Antonio.  Interstate highway 37 leads straight to Corpus Christi.  Interstate highway 10 heads straight to Houston and El Paso.  After Interstate 35 hits San Antonio from Mexico it continues on to Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and continues on through Canada.

       Also, a great amount of wealth from Mexico comes up to San Antonio.  Mexico is in a state of turmoil and does have a tremendous amount of poverty but Mexico also has some very wealthy people.  These wealthy people are coming to the United States in large numbers.  Many of them are taking advantage of the United States’ EB-5 “Immigration by Investment” program to become United States citizens.

       Another reason that San Antonio offers great value is that it has the image of being a small town with little commerce and an uneducated population.  This is not true.  This is why companies like USAA, Frost Bank, Valero Energy, Clear Channel Communications, Rackspace, NuStar Energy, Tesoro and Toyota all have corporate headquarters or major presences in San Antonio.

       Not every house, apartment or piece of land is a good investment.  It is important to do research and make intelligent choices about investment properties, wherever they are.  There is a reason that wealthy and sophisticated investors are putting their money in San Antonio real estate.  Mathematical analysis and common sense indicate to many investors that San Antonio real estate should be considered by anyone that believes in intelligent, sound and informed investing.

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