Foster & Foster

       Foster & Foster handles a variety of cases including business, lawsuits and real estate.  Foster & Foster is one of the most respected law firms in San Antonio by other attorneys.  Most importantly to Foster & Foster, their clients are among the most pleased with the performance of their attorneys and among the most likely to refer their friends and family.

       Foster & Foster is a full service law firm that handles a variety of cases.  Foster & Foster is a leader, both in San Antonio and nationwide in civil forfeiture, products liability, design defects, business litigation and car accident cases.  The attorneys that work with them, for them or serve as “of counsel” for them are all highly regarded attorneys that uphold the same values and standards that they do.

       The staff at Foster & Foster are the hardest working and most committed of any law firm in San Antonio.  It takes a very special and committed type of person to be willing to make the sacrifices to their personal lives and their family lives that is required to work for Foster & Foster.  The attorneys get most of the credit for the successes and victories but much of the hard work is done by the staff.  In addition to serving clients in the English language, Foster & Foster serves clients in Spanish.