Recent Cases

       The following list is a relatively small sample of Foster & Foster’s cases. There are countless other dismissals and reductions that cannot fit here. Stephen Foster has won and lost many cases of all levels of severity. He is routinely asked for advice by less experienced attorneys and has been asked to help with and/or try cases in their entirety by some of the most well known and respected attorneys in San Antonio.

       Every case is different. Only after a complete study of your case will Stephen Foster be able to begin to discuss the options and potential strategies in your case.

B. G. v. Various Trucking Companies

       Attorney Stephen Foster was retained by another attorney to help represent his client that was injured by a commercial vehicle.  Stephen Foster obtained a judgment of over 2.4 million dollars.

Various Women Injured by Vaginal Mesh v. American Medical Systems

       Attorney Stephen Foster has obtained confidential settlements for many women that have been injured by Vaginal Mesh.  Litigation is ongoing and several cases are currently set for trial throughout the United States.

Foster & Foster’s Client v. Former Business Associate

       Attorney Stephen Foster’s client entered into an agreement .  The friend refused to honor the agreement citing several legal justifications.  Client refused to settle and opposing counsel agreed to a settlement of more than was originally demanded right before trial.

Multiple Neighbors v. Home Builder

       Home builder built houses that many of the homeowners in the neighborhood were not pleased with.  After refusing to fix the problem, many neighbors hired Foster & Foster and ultimately the home builder fixed all problems, paid the homeowners’ attorney fees and provided monetary compensation to the homeowners.

State v. P.R.

       Client was accused of Assault of a Public Servant. Defendant had a high profile job with the U.S. Government and needed a dismissal or acquittal to save his job. After several court settings and refusal of the defense to plea the State of Texas dismissed the charges.

State v. B.C.

       Client was accused of masterminding a theft ring.  All alleged co-conspirators admitted their involvement and now have permanent criminal records.  Jury verdict: Not Guilty

State v K.M.

       D.W.I. 2nd. Officer claimed defendant failed field sobriety tests which were on video. Defendant blew .169 into Intoxilyzer 5000. Jury verdict: Not Guilty

State v. T.C.

       Client was accused of the sex crime of Sexual Assault of a Minor. District Attorney’s office demanded prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Client was tried and the jury failed to reach a verdict. Based in part on the aggressive defense in the first trial the State of Texas dismissed charges on the day of the start of the second trial.

State v. A.R.

       Client was accused of Felony Stalking and several misdemeanors. Stephen Foster negotiated a dismissal on felony charges and assorted misdemeanor charges for a plea on one misdemeanor for Deferred Adjudication (case will be dismissed after defendant completes community supervision).

U.S. v. R.N.

       Client was charged with a series of thefts and had confessed. The case had received extensive media attention. The Federal Government was demanding 2 years in prison. Stephen Foster argued for the minimum under the Federal sentencing guidelines which was one year. The Federal judge gave sentence of one year.

State v. J.R.

       Client was charged with theft of copper wire. Case Dismissed.

State v. T.M.

       Client was charged with D.W.I. Two officers claimed he failed all field sobriety tests. Jury Verdict: Not guilty

State v. A.C.

       Client was accused of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Any plea would result in her deportation and likely death. Even if the prosecutor offered Deferred Adjudication a plea would result in deportation. After several trial settings where the defense demanded a jury trial, the state eventually dismissed all charges.

Yearning for Zion child custody case

       When the State of Texas took custody of hundreds of children outside of El Dorado, a select few lawyers were asked to represent the children. Of those, only a select few were chosen by their fellow lawyers to have a speaking role in the case. Stephen Foster was one of those lawyers.

Stephen Foster was also the first lawyer to visit the YFZ ranch personally in order to understand the case. He was one of the few lawyers to spend time personally interviewing many of the leaders of the FLDS community there.

State v. O.R.

       Client was accused of the white collar crime of unethical business practices which would have cost him his law enforcement career if case was not dismissed or won at trial. Case had dragged on for over a year when Stephen Foster was hired.  Stephen Foster negotiated dismissal of all charges on first meeting with prosecutors.

State v. N.R.

       Client was charged with D.W.I. 3rd offense (a third degree felony), Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon and Driving with License Invalid.  The prosecution demanded that the judge have the opportunity to send him to prison without the ability to appeal.  After three years of aggressively demanding a speedy trial and filing many motions the state relented and agreed to a conviction on a single misdemeanor with no additional jail time.

       This is only an sample of the types of results that are possible when a defendant has an experienced and aggressive defense attorney on their side. It is important to realize that “aggressive” does not mean that an attorney screams or yells.  It is far better to prepare a case thoroughly and to have a reputation as an attorney that is not afraid to go to trial.

       The details of any case will vary and only after a defense attorney studies a case will he be able to give solid advice about what the best course of action is.