Pradaxa has been linked to a starling number of heart attacks and Pradaxa has caused internal bleeding in a large number of cases.  Pradaxa lawsuits must demonstrate that the manufacturer was aware of the increased risk of heart attack or internal bleeding from Pradaxa and failed to adequately warn patients.  Pradaxa has been marketed as being safer than other treatments but many medical professionals are currently warning that this is not the case and that Pradaxa carries greater risks than many other drugs.

       Anyone that has suffered a heart attack after taking Pradaxa may file a Pradaxa heart attack lawsuit for damages they or their family have suffered.  The Foster Law Firm will review anyone’s case for free and without obligation to hire the firm.  There are strict time limits and whether a patient that has suffered after taking Pradaxa can recover generally is determined by whether they filed their case in time.  Failing to act in time can mean that the right to be compensated will be lost forever.

       In addition to heart attacks, in some cases Pradaxa can cause internal bleeding.  Similar to Pradaxa heart attack cases, victims can lose their right to compensation if they fail to file a lawsuit in time.  In December of 2011, the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration issued a Safety Communication to the public.  The FDA gave details of severe bleeding that was found to be common among many Pradaxa users.  Interestingly, these side effects were known to the company long before Pradaxa was made available for sale.

       Patients have reported and continue to report gastrointestinal hemorrhaging and vascular hemorrhage.  The FDA has noted that early detection of such problems would not generally permit a doctor to stop the bleeding.  As a result, users of Pradaxa who experienced complications were at great risk of serious side effects up to and including death.  Many people have been and continue to be hurt as a result of using Pradaxa.

       Pradaxa lawsuits are not class action lawsuits where the victims receive very little compensation or “coupons”.  Pradaxa lawsuits will almost certainly be handled under the rules and procedures for Multi-District Litigation (MDL) where certain aspects of cases are handled the same.   This is similar to how Stryker Hip cases and Vaginal Mesh cases are handled.  It is important to know that each Pradaxa lawsuit will be handled independently and each plaintiff will receive compensation based upon the specific facts of their case along with the general facts in all the cases.