Stephen Foster has many lawsuits pending against Ameriplan.  While each lawsuit is independent and has its own unique facts there are, generally speaking, many similarities.

         The most basic and important similarity in these lawsuits is that Stephen Foster’s clients all have a legal claim that they had a contract with Ameriplan that guaranteed them “willable” and “sellable” residual income for customers that they had signed up.  Ameriplan suddenly stopped providing the residual income to Stephen Foster’s clients.  It was this failure to continue to pay residual income under the terms of the existing contracts that is at the heart of Stephen Foster’s clients’ claims.

        There has been a 5.5 million dollar verdict against Ameriplan with similar facts in Anderson v. Ameriplan.  The case is currently on appeal and might be upheld entirely, might be completely reversed or it might be upheld with a reduction in the amount of exemplary or “punitive” damages which will be required to be paid.  Texas appeals courts frequently reduce the amount of exemplary damages that someone is awarded.  Simply because someone gets a jury verdict for exemplary damages is no guarantee that that person will be able to collect.

         Stephen Foster has studied Ameriplan’s contracts, sales materials, policy manuals and practices and believes strongly that those people that were promised “willable”, “sellable” and “transferable” residual income have a legal claim and are entitled to that income.  Many people had their residual income stopped suddenly in February of 2011.

         If you have been refused residual income we would be happy to discuss your options with you.  If you have information about Ameriplan and their decision to suddenly stop paying their “IBOs” or “Independent Business Owners” residual income that they were told by Ameriplan that they were entitled to and would receive, Stephen Foster would appreciate it if you would share your information or experiences with him.

        The Ameriplan IBOs only have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit.  Stephen Foster strongly urges all terminated IBOs to discuss their options with an attorney immediately.  There are many different causes of action available and they all have different “Statutes of Limitation”.  A statute of limitation limits the amount of time that someone has to make a claim.

           All IBOs that have been denied their residual income should discuss their case with an attorney before their time runs out.