Real Estate Investment

     Texas in general, and the San Antonio area in particular, offers outstanding value and potential for real estate investment.  Many investors from throughout the United States as well as in foreign countries are beginning to invest in land, property and real estate in the South and Central Texas area.  In addition to handling Real Estate Fraud litigation and other types of lawsuits that involve real estate and property, the law firm of Simpson, Foster & Gold helps investors purchase property and real estate.

     Attorney Stephen Foster is a licensed real estate agent, realtor and member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors, in addition to being an attorney that handles many complicated aspects of real estate purchasing and/or investing.  Stephen Foster’s typical clients are intelligent and serious real estate investors that appreciate a mathematical and analytical approach to investing.  Generally, large amounts of money are involved in the purchases and sales of real estate in which Stephen Foster participates.  The level of detail, attention and analysis that Stephen Foster devotes to his clients real estate transactions is beyond what a typical “real estate agent” would provide.

     In addition to real estate investments, many of Stephen Foster’s international clients are interested in obtaining citizenship.  Frequently this involves an EB-5 Visa and the United States government’s “Invest for Citizenship” program.  Whatever personal goals or reasons that an individual has for investing in property it is important that the investor’s agent take the time to understand the client’s goals as well as explain all the details of a particular situation.

      Other attorneys and real estate agents frequently take Stephen Foster’s advice in matters involving real estate fraud.  There are many other types of real estate lawsuits that Stephen Foster handles.  It is always best to avoid trouble from the beginning, as opposed to fixing a problems after it has developed.

     Stephen Foster enjoys discussing real estate, the property market and issues that are involved with real estate, properties and investing.  Stephen Foster always provides free consultations to anyone that has any questions in these areas.  Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of real estate investing or a legal situation involving real estate should call 210-222-1117 for a free consultation either over the phone or in person.