Real Estate

       When choosing a real estate professional to handle your property needs it is important to make a wise decision.  The largest investment that most people have is their home.  It is not unusual for people to have most of their net worth invested in a single piece of real estate.  Many people with a mortgage have more than their entire net worth invested in a house.

       Stephen Foster also provides a variety of real estate services for both buyers and sellers of residential, commercial and investment real estate.  Further information can be found at

       Stephen Foster represents a number of individuals and business entities in their real estate dealings.  Most of Stephen Foster’s clients are either investors or people that have a good understanding of how serious an investment property and real estate can be.  Stephen Foster represents clients around the world that have an interest in either purchasing or selling real estate in Texas.

       Stephen Foster represents clients that are interested in investing in property as part of the EB-5 “Immigration by Investment” program, as well out of state and out of country investors that appreciate the property values in and around San Antonio.  Regardless of his clients’ situations, Stephen Foster takes a very serious approach to representing his clients.  He does this studies the mathematics as well as local, regional and national trends to help his clients make wise decisions.

       There are a huge number of real estate agents in San Antonio, Texas, in particular and the entire United States as a whole.  The educational requirements and the examinations to become a real estate agent are fairly minimal.  When a person is buying or selling property it is important to think about who to trust with their economic present and future.  Similarly, if someone has a legal issue, such as a lawsuit, related to property it is also important to make a sound decision who to trust with their money.