Bail Bonds

       In Texas, attorneys can underwrite bail bonds for their clients.  Stephen Foster has pre-qualified with Bexar County, which is the county that includes San Antonio, in order to have his clients released quickly.  Generally, it is cheaper to have an attorney write a bond instead of a bail bondsman.

       Typically, when someone is in jail awaiting their trial, or resolution of their criminal case, they will do almost anything to get out of jail.  Sometimes people will pay a bail bond company a large sum of money because they wish to get out of jail immediately and put themselves in a position where they can not afford a defense attorney.  Rushing and giving a bail bond company money to get out of jail to avoid a couple of extra days behind bars in the beginning of a case often seems like a bad investment when it costs someone years of their lives in prison at the end of the case.

       In most cases it is easier and more efficient for a person to have a bail bond written by their attorney.  Not only can it save a person money but when an attorney is familiar with a particular bail bond situation it can make it easier and quicker to get hearings to reduce bond and removes a layer of complication when dealing with the conditions that courts might place on an individual’s pre-trial release.

       San Antonio bail bonds can be delivered to the jail at any time.  In Bexar county, when a criminal defendant has not been arrested their bail bond can sometimes be “walked through” at the courthouse to reduce the amount of time that they spend waiting.  Different types of cases generally have different types of conditions attached to them.  Sex crimes, white collar crimes, drug cases, etc… all have different conditions that are generally attached to them.  It is always important for a person to be aware of what is a standard bond condition and what is not so that they can make a wise decision about either making a bond immediately or waiting for a hearing to get a bond reduced or bond conditions removed.